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Exploring the Fantastic in Robert Kirk’s the Secret Commonwealth

Robert Kirk’s The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies is an exploration in ancient Celtic beliefs. Marina Warner writes in the introduction: “Kirk never alludes to his own status as a seventh son or to any healing he might … Continue reading

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An Ode to Tolkien

Tolkien is one of our best writers. If you haven’t read his epic odyssey, I would encourage you to. No copyright infringement intended – this was written to honor the master of Fantasy. Ode to Tolkein: The Hobbit Story Darlene … Continue reading

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Coffee Talk and Writer Secrets

Good morning, writers. How is the writing going? Have you done your 48-hour check? Have you written in the last 24 hours? Have you planned when are you writing in the next 24? I’ve been thinking a lot about where … Continue reading

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On the Darkest Hours: When you Think of Giving Up Writing

On the Darkest Hours: When You Think of Giving Up Writing   The writer lows suck. Based on my experience and research, all writers get them – the dark moments when you wonder if it matters. You ask: Does anything … Continue reading

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My Top 11 Favorite Anthropology Topics for Writers

    Archaeology I started with archaeology and come back to it every time. If I weren’t a writer, I’d be at a dig site, buried in dirt up to my elbows…and I might still do this. Archaeology rocks (pun … Continue reading

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Setting Writing Goals: April 2017

  How’s it going, writers? Did you write in April? I hope you did. I hope words flowed from your fingers and characters and worlds came to life through you. This month, I focused on writing articles, business copy, and … Continue reading

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Top Links of the Week

Dear Writers, I’ve been all over the map this week, because it’s spring and it’s where the research takes me. It’s rainy in the Pacific Northwest, but when the sun comes out, I go check on the pansies and tulips. … Continue reading

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Writer Affirmations

Here are a few of my favorite writer affirmations. Be brave. Work on your craft. Enjoy! Darlene

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Top 5 Links of the Week

Happy Friday! I thought I’d do something fun and share my favorite links of the week. But first, writer inspiration… Links to things that I love! Hope you find something cool here (or at least get inspired!) Austin Kleon demands … Continue reading

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How to Support Your Writer

So this is outside my posting time, but I consider this a writing emergency. I got an email today from a friend’s dad and he needs help. So here I am. And if anyone wants to add on to gifts … Continue reading

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