#productivewriter wrap-up – writing into the dream

So grateful to Theresa to have participated in this awesome endeavor! I’ll do it again anytime!

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Theresa Barker - Lab Notes

Writing into the Dream – a six-week experiment in becoming a more productive writer

Previous weeks:

Week 1:  Write every day. Write something. Every day.

Week 2:  Encourage your writing self.

Week 3: Schedule your writing.

Week 4:  Write a letter to your writing.

Week 5:  Write early in the day.

Week 6:  Write like a child plays.


https://www.flickr.com/photos/pagedooley/8150585334/in/photolist-dqeT4m-86UK5Q-5zuxZQ-6MZJ4N-deKa6W-4rSrYa-VBR5ij-6bSDQp-4T4k9T-6f9r94-9DksLg-a9oDcL-arDG2j-bmWu7P-qnCgpf-9dbGe6-63s3Zh-SD7j6W-T8HqPJ-onA1kG-9amhn1-aacXVg-32MGir-SYtUWX-63jTbF-5oGhby-nSNFML-9NX2eH-qCRT8T-abbjQg-S8PN3g-GPNTM7-rAzmtb-eezW7V-4Wm8am-cbvcf3-xyHJ1-31TYHC-85S8a-dyCqu6-V4mF-5Hwn78-n9vYKo-RPVfBS-afDMXS-nDdWvb-nX1S7A-5kfaVP-5w6A8J-ah3qXFCreative Commons License
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What I learned this week

I’m a great goal-setter.  I’m a list-maker.  My analytical brain likes to break a larger goal into smaller tasks, and then tackling each task until I’ve got the whole thing done.

It is harder for me is to play.  It feels uncomfortable to consider writing that “doesn’t go anywhere.”  Is it part of my novel?  Is it a new short story?  Is it something I can put on my blog?  Maybe ……

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  1. Thank you for the very nice reblog, Darlene! 🙂

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