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Welcome to DarWrites!

I’m Darlene. I’m a nomadic writer/photographer who wants to make the world a better place one connection at a time. I’m also one of the few people that can say she has a poem in space on NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission! I want to inspire the future of humanity by creating 100 books that entertain, enlighten, and enrich the lives of my readers.

I started DarWrites in 2010 to help myself and writers just like you level up in craft and art. Check out the different sections on the site and let me know what you need help with as a writer!

I think the biggest thing I can do with this life is to share my inspiration and intention. Thanks for reading! If you read my fiction, science fiction, poetry, or nonfiction – I appreciate you all! Thanks for supporting me and my creations.

I hope you all enjoy this corner of the internet dedicated to words, love, and light!

Write on,


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