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Hey, there, readers and writers! Welcome to DarWrites!

This corner of the web is dedicated to my awesome readers and writers who want to level up their art and craft.

I’m your tour guide and writing buddy, Darlene. I’m a writer/photographer/teacher who wants to make the world a better place one connection at a time. I’m also one of the few people that can say she has a poem in space! I’m slowly making my way toward my writing goal of one hundred books.

This website is geared toward helping creative entrepreneurs level up their art and craft. I started DarWrites in 2010 to help myself and writers just like you. Since then, I have accumulated a wealth of experience including: a MFA in creative writing from Goddard College, a BA in anthropology from Pacific Lutheran University, and a freelance writing business which includes: articles, books, corporate copy, educational, manuals, photography, promotional materials, research, resumes, technical documents, web copy, and more. As an artist and teacher, I set a goal to create educational, entertaining, and inspiring content that helps you connect with your readers.

This is a fluid site which changes because I change – and I am so grateful to the readers and writers who stick around for the journey! I hope you’re one of them.



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DarWrites: Writing Prompts

Have you ever sat down to write, but hours later found yourself still staring at the blank page? I have! Have you ever thought, “if only I could get started, I could write my novel?” Well, my friend, this prompt book is for you. I created this book of writing prompts specifically for my DarWrites readers. I hope you like it! DarWrites: Writing Prompts is now available! 

I think the biggest thing I can do with this life is to share my inspiration and intention. Thanks for reading! If you read my fiction, science fiction, poetry, or nonfiction – I appreciate you all! Thanks for supporting me and my creations.

I hope you all enjoy this corner of the internet dedicated to words, love, and light!

Write on,


dar dar


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